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   Hiring Elite Sale Talent   

We Find The Sales Talent You Need So You Can Achieve Your Growth Goals 

How well does your business find, recruit, and hire high-performing sales reps and key sales talent? Do your methods lead to reliable hires and replicable success? Or do your sales recruitment efforts too often send you back to “square one” after you’ve invested considerable time, effort, and money on an underperforming sales rep with no “upside?”

Recruiting and hiring a top-notch sales professional is a complex process, and the stakes are high.

Amplify Sales Recruiting' expert recruiters and researchers, along with an Outsourced VP of Sales, make a powerful team with a potent one-two punch to ensure your next sales hire is the right fit for your team. They can bring critical perspective and focused skill sets necessary to simplify your recruiting and hiring, while helping you avoid the substantial costs – to your reputation and bottom line – of making a bad hire.

Why Use Amplify Sales Recruiting?

Our approach is a multi-step proven process that we customize to fit your company’s unique needs and requirements. Our unique and comprehensive recruiting process is why so many companies chose our AMPLIFY recruiting service.

Ampligy Process.png

This is NOT your normal RECRUITING.
We do the work for you.

As experienced VPs of Sales, we know what type of sales professionals you need to be successful. We collaborate with expert recruiters to source candidates and do first-round interviews so you only get qualified candidates, saving you time and removing the stress of hiring.

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Right person. Right role. Every time.


Would you like to know if a candidate has the potential to be a sales rock star? To determine the perfect fit for your specific sales position, our Sales Behavioural Assessments will profile each candidate's potential for success, ensuring you get the right person and right fit, every time.

Recruiting & Hiring Resources

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Sales Hiring Skills Assessment

Do you have the right skillset to hire salespeople to grow revenue for your business? Take our FREE assessment to find out.


Sales Roleplay Tool 

Sales Roleplay can be a powerful tool as part of your interview process. Download our FREE Sales Roleplay Tool to evaluate the candidate's ability to effectively engage with customers.

Template mockup

Job Description Template

A well-written job description is critical because they provide candidates with a clear understanding of what the duties and responsibilities of a particular position are.


Recruiting Insights

We have a series of Recruiting articles that will help you think through some of the most important steps in your recruiting process.

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