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Hiring a Sales Professional? Use Fresh Strategies to ‘Sell’ Your Organization to Top Talent

Management, leadership and success guru Peter Drucker wrote that “One-third [of staffing decisions] are outright failures. In no other area of management would we put up with such dismal performance.” And yet, even in today’s highly competitive hiring landscape where job seekers increasingly have the upper hand and can set their expectations (and often name their price), organizations continue to recruit sales talent the same old ways.

Drucker also provided a mantra for ending this worn-out recruiting and hiring cycle: “If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” With that in mind, here are some fresh ways to change the dynamic, stand apart from the crowd and attract top sales professionals.


We Find The Sales Talent You Need So You Can Achieve Your Growth Goals

How well does your business find, recruit, and hire high-performing sales reps and key sales talent? Do your methods lead to reliable hires and replicable success? Or do your sales recruitment efforts too often send you back to “square one” after you’ve invested considerable time, effort, and money on an underperforming sales rep with no “upside?” Recruiting and hiring a top-notch sales professional is a complex process, and the stakes are high. Book a free, no obligations, talent acquisition discovery meeting with us to see if we would be a fit for you.


We are part of a national group of Senior Sales Executives associated with Sales Xceleration® and Amplify Recruiting, the original publishers and authors of this article. Our shared passion is to help business leaders exponentially grow their revenue by having the right sales professional in the right seat, every time.

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