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Can You Grow Your Business During Labor Shortages and Supply Chain Delays?

When labor shortages and supply chain interruptions become the norm, many business owners seem satisfied to tread water in hopes of merely maintaining market share. Few even dare to think about top-line revenue growth or, more importantly, boosting profits. But savvy business owners realize that when their competitors are in a holding pattern of complacency, the time is right to target market gains – despite labor and logistics challenges. Can it be done? Can your business grow during such difficult times?

To learn how to overcome these seemingly insurmountable difficulties, read my full article on the Sales Xceleration corporate website:


About Daniel Steyn, the Author

I am an accomplished sales consultant and leadership professional with a proven track record driving top-line results. I am a part of a sub-group of Sales Xceleration Advisors dedicated to pooling our knowledge and expertise to generate insights, tips, and tools to help business leaders exponentially grow their revenue. We are seasoned Executive Sales Leaders who have guided B2B businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

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