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Whether you are thriving or surviving, you are probably contemplating potential changes to your strategy, how to operationalize the strategy or how to execute your strategy. Most CEOs and Business Owners want their sales organization to perform even better, but they often lack the experience, time, or resources to address the gaps. Regardless of the business pain, CEOs and Business Owners seek help to understand the nature of the problem and how to improve. That is why we offer our CEO Workshops.
The objective of our CEO Workshop series is to help Business Owners and CEOs by sharing practical advice to address some of the most common and challenging topics that impact sales departments in small and mid-sized businesses. In true workshop style, we will share some best practices and then transition to address the specific examples faced by CEOs and business owners attending the workshop. The workshops are interactive, hands-on, packed with practical, valuable advice and insights.

Below is a list of our most popular Sales Workshops for CEOs and Business Owners. Although these are our most popular workshops, we also offer custom workshops based on requests from CEO peer groups.

American Football Players

Building a high-performance sales organization

Do you want your Sales team to meet or exceed their goals consistently? If you want better sales results, then you are not alone.


Only 6% of small to mid-size businesses rate themselves as “average“ or higher in effectively managing their sales team and sales processes. The other 94% want their sales organization to be better but don’t know how to build a high-performing sales organization.


During this session, you will learn what is needed to build a High-Performing Sales Organization and how to give your Sales Team the proper foundation for ongoing sales success.

Driven to Succeed

This 45min session is specifically designed to address the sales challenges small and mid-size companies face. The audience will learn the top 10 reasons why sales are not increasing as planned. The session will also address the actions businesses must take to create the foundation for sustainable sales growth.


Sales Levers

During this session, the CEOs pick any 2 of the four topics that they are struggling with most and would like to have a detailed workshop session on:

  • Compensation Plans - What are they, why do you need them, and how do you create the best compensation plan to deliver results?

  • Hiring Process - The rest of the company depends on a top-performing sales team delivering results. What are the hiring process best practices for Success and “Right Person – In the Right Seat.”

  • What is true “On-Boarding” for Sales – You hired an A-player. Do you need to onboard them, and if so, what does proper onboarding look like?

  • Weekly Sales Metrics – We all know that “what gets measured gets done.” What are the right metrics, and how do you utilize sales metrics for accountability, discipline, and execution?

Transform Your Sales Manager Into The Leader You Are Paying For and Desire

Do you want to transform your sales manager into the leader you always desired? Of course, you should because although a weak salesperson will weaken a sales territory, an ineffective sales leader will impact and degrade your bottom line. 

There are several reasons for that. Let’s start by looking at the facts. According to recent data:

  • Only 39% of Sales Managers and VPs Consistently Make Quota.

  • 60% of new Sales Managers fail within the first 24 months.


The root of these shocking statistics is that most sales leaders never got the coaching or formal training on being true sales leaders.

During this workshop

  • We will cover the top 10 reasons why you, or your sales leader, isn’t being effective, and

  • We will offer proven practical advice on what you/he/she needs to do to become the sales leader you always desired and one that will deliver consistent revenue growth.  

Business Presentation

How to create positive sales momentum

In professional sports, it's obvious to see how one player is doing compared to the other players or how much one player is specifically contributing to winning. It is no different in sales. 

During this workshop, we'll discuss what can be done in three key areas to build momentum and develop a winning sales culture, including: 

  • The Organization: What is the role of the CEO or executive team in creating strong sales momentum?

  • The Team: It's all about the talent. How do you find the right people, properly incentivize them, and then manage the team to get results and keep your "A" players? 

  • The Playbook: As teams rely on specific plays to be efficient, a sales team needs a documented, repeatable process for sustainable revenue growth. What goes into an effective sales motion? 

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