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Julian Hall
CEO - Covenant Holdings

Daniel's ability to look far into the future as well as dive deep into the company is truly a skill that most companies would pay top dollars for, yet it is a reasonable investment with a significant return. He has the unique ability to strategically integrate where you are today to where you want and need to go in the future!

I recommend him to any company with vision and the grit to take action to grow!


Charles Douthitt
Co-Founder - Takeout Central & CEO BumDash

Often hiring an outside coach or consultant is a gamble because even though you may get great advice you are eventually left on your own to implement it. Working with Daniel and Sales Xceleration allowed our team to have his help in actually going through the nitty gritty of implementing the process. In addition, because we were building out our first sales team we were able to skip a lot of the trial and error many teams go through. What would have taken us 2 years on our own to figure out, Daniel was able to get us there in 4 months. For other entrepreneurs SalesXceleration is a “buy it” vs “build it” decision, and I am so pleased we decided to buy 4 months of Daniel's experience!


Steve Misiano
President - True North Gear

Our VP of Sales retired after 20 years of service. These were big shoes to fill and we selected Daniel to lead the transition. Daniel worked closely with our retiring sales leader and the team to make a smooth transition. He's been independently leading the team as a fractional VP of Sales for the past 6 months and is doing amazing work. Daniel worked with us to update our sales strategy, put the right sales processes in place, hire/coach the right people, and analyze progress. He's become an integral part of our team and continues to help us continually improve how we work with our customers.


Nicole Hendren
Chief Growth Officer - Catapult

Daniel has been an invaluable asset to our organization over the past 18 months. We found ourselves in a state of stagnant growth and an ability to break through this plateau. Our organization needed someone with Daniel's experience and expertise, but we weren't in a position to pay for a full-time leader of his caliber. We decided to bring Daniel in on a fractional basis, and it's the best decision we could have made. In the time Daniel has been with us, we've implemented strategies and tools that have increased our growth by 60%. We are now ready to take the next step to hire someone in a full time capacity, and Daniel has been helping us recruit the right individual. If your organization needs someone to help "take you to the next level", I highly recommend Sales Xceleration.


Wendy Swanson
CEO - Verum Technical

Daniel has seamlessly integrated with my team and offered value day 1. The difference with Daniel as compared to other consultants that I have worked with is that he is not only working with me to come up with the strategy and process for us to increase our sales capability, he is supporting me and my team step by step as we get the program and the process up and running. Most consultants that I have worked with will tell me what to do, but don’t actually help me implement it and make it happen.


Troy Evans
CEO - ProTech

Daniel was a great help to our company. He is clear, focused, and easy to work with—a wonderful combination! My company hired him as a fractional VP of sales. We were very weak in sales. Daniel helped us integrate the big picture and the practical details of sales into the specifics of the business. He confidently provided concrete, realistic steps to reach the goals of the business. I enjoyed working with Daniel. He clearly knows what needs to be done and kindly addressed my ignorance. I highly recommend him to provide straightforward, focused help!


William Dzurick
COO - Schneider Engineering

Daniel and his team have truly standout talent. From the initial intake through the deliverable Daniel communicated efficiently and effectively to assure our project stayed on track. His tenaciousness helped ensure that the needed data was extracted from my team and clients. I highly recommend Daniel.


Carlos Martinez
CEO - Consultia

Daniel’s proactive approach to team development and setting the right goals for the team has been evident in the highly integrated sales, marketing and technical team and their business impact. As a result of their joint goals that were aligned to key performance indicators, their highly collaborative efforts, and laser focus, the sales grew by $20m over the previous $60m run rate. 

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