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Our partners are some of the best companies in the region at sales enablement, marketing, organizational development and employee benefits packages. We chose groups like Sales Xceleration, Breakaway Sales Recruiting and The Board of Advisors because of their proven track records of success. As a team, we can give clients the resources they need to find the right employees, right customers and drive their revenue.

Sales Xceleration

Sales Xceleration uses more than 1000 years of executive leadership experience to help small business and mid-sized corporations with turnkey selling solutions. They gather business intelligence, build a working sales model and hire the required sales resources on behalf of companies around the country. We are proud licensed partners for their business.

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Breakaway Sales Recruiting

With Breakaway SALE RECRUITING we take the guesswork out of hiring the right sales candidate. They have the sales leadership experience to know what type of salesperson you need for your team, so you don’t have to. An experienced Talent Manager works with you in determining what type of individual will benefit your organization and find the right fit for the role. The result is removing the stress out of talent searches for you.

Each month, C12 gathers thousands of Christian CEOs and business owners in Peer Advisory Groups across the globe. These leaders help each other make better decisions, avoid costly mistakes, create solid plans for growth, and thrive in their calling to create impact beyond the bottom line.

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