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The Sales Agility Assessment® provides business owners with a customized report, including insights into how to address key sales infrastructure issues they may be facing, such as:

  • Stagnant or declining sales

  • A revolving door of salespeople

  • Lack of salesperson expectations and accountability

  • Inability to get away from relying on existing sales revenue or referral-based sales only

  • Uncertain future revenue

  • Compensation plans that don’t incent the sales behavior they are seeking

  • Lack of a repeatable sales process

By taking the Sales Agility Assessment®, you will gain insight into the performance of your sales department based on the 4 key drivers of sales, including:

Sales Strategy

  • How to establish sales goals that are based on key metrics

  • How to create an effective sales dashboard to track your sales pipeline

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) recommendations that are easy to implement, set up and use


Sales Methodology

  • The best way to document your sales process, and get people to follow it

  • How to develop repeatable processes and systems, and sales strategies so business owners can take time off and still be confident the company is following the proper procedures


Performance Management

  • How to establish an attainable sales quota in line with company revenue objectives

  • How to create a compensation plan that creates the sales behavior that leads to exceeding your goals

  • Creating a win-win environment in performance management


Organization and Talent

  • Define and set talent expectations that drive retention and success

  • Learn how to quickly evaluate sales reps who are a good fit for your organization

  • Sourcing key client buying indicators and how to apply unique value propositions across your buying cycle

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