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Right person.
Right role.
Every time.

Would you like to know if a candidate has the potential to be a sales rock star? To determine the perfect fit for your specific sales position, our Behavioural Assessments will profile each candidate's potential for success, ensuring you get the right person and right fit, every time, allowing you to maximize your bottom line by optimizing your organization from the top down.

Traditional recruiting strategy has a success rate of just 14%

Job interview

Traditional methods of recruiting, which rely heavily on resumes and interviews, often do not provide enough information to effectively evaluate a candidate. The probability of selecting the right individual the first time increases as layers of multiple modes of evaluation are added. Statistically, using a resume and job interview as the principal recruiting strategy has a success rate of just 14%. This increases to only 26% when coupled with reference checking.

Help hiring managers make the best hiring decision – again and again.

Our hiring assessment tools give you instant insights into how your candidates match the jobs. And as a result, you understand your candidates far beyond what’s on their resumes, or the feedback from their references.

"The risk of the unknown is almost completely eliminated" 

Andy Parkins | CEO, Six Factor


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