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Outsources VPs of Sales

Helping businesses consistently achieve strong top and bottom-line results is our passion. To make this happen, we know we need to deliver the truth about your sales model, even if that means looking you in the eye and plainly telling you that what you’re doing is hindering your sales efforts. We take success personally. We perform like our own livelihood depends on your sales success and we want to see you succeed.


Tom Gardner

Daniel Steyn - 1.jpg

Daniel Steyn

We are accomplished and successful sales executives with extensive leadership experience directing teams on the local, regional, national and international levels. We’ve established our careers instilling the principles of success for cross-functional teams within organizations both large and small; each built with an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to client satisfaction. Because of our familiarity with the small business community, we understand the unique challenges our clients face. We are proud to be known as leaders with high integrity and character. We possess the vision and ability to build high-performing sales teams that consistently achieve strong top and bottom-line results. Our drive, awareness, and professionalism, coupled with a positive attitude, make a significant and lasting impact on our clients.

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