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Helping businesses overachieve their sales goals and growing your top-line revenue is our passion. To make this happen, we know we need to deliver the truth about your sales model, even if that means looking you in the eye and plainly telling you that what you’re doing is hindering your sales efforts. We take success personally. We perform like our own livelihood depends on your sales success and we want to see you succeed.

After we each spend 20+ years in sales executive roles, we decided to pursue our true passion and founded the consulting firm in partnership with Sales Xceleration - Carolinas. Our mission is to help companies transform their sales teams and processes to achieve all-time sales records. It’s what gets us up in the morning; learn more about our team and mission below.

Daniel Steyn

Daniel is an accomplished sales consultant and sales leadership professional with a proven track record optimizing bottom-line results on a global scale. He is the founder of Cornerstone Business Consultants, a sales effectiveness consulting firm that helps small and medium-sized businesses break through sales growth barriers.


Daniel combines his 20+ years of sales and leadership experience at large and small companies with Sales Xceleration’s proven platform to build winning sales strategies, world-class sales processes, high-performance sales teams, and disciplined sales execution for his clients

Daniel's email is

and his cell number is 612-999-7221

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Dino Skerlos

Dino is a proven sales leader with over 25 years of experience in helping companies drive revenue. Dino has worked within a variety of industries, providing strategic guidance and strong execution, to encourage that next level of sustained growth.

Dino is the founder of Sustainable Sales Solutions and joined forces with Sales Xceleration to help small and medium-size companies exceed their sales targets by creating a tailored strategy, developing effective processes, and ensuring that sales execution ignites growth. Dino enjoys spending time with my family, golfing, and staying active.

Dino's email is

and his cell number is 919-200-0299

Shaun Fry

Shaun is a sales consultant with decades of proven sales success and most often operates as an outsourced VP of Sales on a part-time, interim basis. Experience has taught him there are only four reasons a customer won't make a purchase decision. He knows each is addressable using a teachable process.


Shaun provides clients with a custom-tailored sales strategy. An integrated sales process and implements a tactical sales execution plan. He leverages a simple sales language across the entire company that drives aggressive revenue growth. You can review his profile on the Sales Xceleration website.


Shaun's email is

and his cell number is 336 456 2069

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