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  • Our clients immediately recognize that we bring different knowledge to the table.

  • We bring proven tools to the engagement to coach our clients on how to lead and control sales results.

  • Our clients appreciate a hands-on approach to prioritization and problem-solving.

  • One size does NOT fit all - we customize our solutions to our client's specific issues and problems.

  • During our pre-commitment discovery process, we effectively diagnose the root cause of symptoms our clients are experiencing, at varying levels, and it resonates with them.

  • We invest ourselves in Needs Discovery to evaluate our fit and our client’s readiness for change. We are prudent in testing for fit before a proposal is extended.

  • We have extensive backgrounds in Sales Leadership in a variety of environments and larger company sizes. We have unique exposure to draw from.

  • We have decorated track records in our traditional VP Sales career history.

  • We have strong client references.

Our Clients

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