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Accelerating Your Sales
Is What We Do Best.

Your Top Line Growth
is Our Focus.

We do the work, so you can focus on running your business.

Attention CEOs & Sales VPs
Wanting to Accelerate Your Sales or Profit
Find out why 3000+ CEOs have used our fractional VP of Sales services


If You’re Struggling to Turn Your Sales Around, You’re in the Right Place.

  • Are You Wondering How to Take Sales “to the Next Level?”

  • Are You Not Sure You Have the Right Sales Talent or Experience You Need to Drive Sales Growth?

  • Are You Experiencing High Sales Rep Turn Over?

  • Have You Lost a Big Customer and Not Sure How to Fill the Gap?

  • Have several of your proposals stalled?

  • Does Your Business Feel Like It’s in Neutral or Slipping Backwards?

  • Is a Full-time Highly Experienced Sales Leader Not in the Budget?

  • Are You Having Trouble Finding the “Right” Salespeople to get the Job Done?

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If you answered yes, to any of these questions,
you’re in the right place.

More Than A Consulting Company

Our Sales Consultants

Our Sales Consultants

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Most consulting companies come in, offer advice, and leave you to figure out how to implement the advice. At Sales Xceleration we’re with you step-by-step all the way through implementation.

That means you reach your goals easily when you engage with us to build, install, and operationalize your sales strategy, sales process, sales infrastructure and sales team to get you where you need to go.

Sales is our passion - It's what drives us.

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Don't take it from us. Read the experiences of satisfied customers:

Daniel's ability to look far into the future as well as dive deep into the company is truly a skill that most companies would pay top dollars for, yet it is a reasonable investment with a significant return. He has the unique ability to strategically integrate where you are today to where you want and need to go in the future! I recommend him to any company with vision and the grit to take action to grow!

Julian Hall, CEO - Covenant Holdings